A Brief History

When the KicKee Pants brand was first formed in 2007, it was part of our mission to give back to the communities and families that support us. This drive to engage with our world in this way was born, not only from a desire to give back ourselves, but from the hope that we might inspire others to do the same. As we have grown as a company, our ability to affect change in the world has increased. We have had the opportunity to both support large organizations that we feel do positive and important work in the world, as well as directly impact the lives of individual families and children in need. While this work has been taking place since our inception, it has never been part of our mission to use this as a marketing opportunity. However, recently, more people have expressed interest in our efforts and we appreciate your support! This site represents some of the many projects we are involved with on an ongoing basis as part of our KicKee Gives Back initiative. If you are interested in more information on any of the organizations represented here, simply click on the story or the list of organizations you see represented here and you will be taken to their site directly.

Thank you kindly for your interest in KicKee Gives Back and for your part in helping us spread love and generosity in the world.

Aerin Nicole, Nick Cloke and The KicKee Pants Team